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FAQ—Commercial & Residential HVAC in East Wenatchee, Washington



In order to better serve you, Dick's Heating and Air Conditioning has compiled a list of commonly asked questions. We hope this resource will help you make more informed decisions regarding your heating and cooling systems.
Q) How often should I change my filter?
A) The filter should be changed every month. A pleated filter should be used. This is the one most important thing a customer can do to insure the longest life possible for their equipment.

Q) During winter, I sometimes notice my heat pump is frosted up. Is this normal?
A) Yes, this is normal. Heat pumps take care of this condition by defrosting themselves. An ice field will form under and around the heat pump. Note: Frost is normal. Ice build up on unit is not.

Q) During winter, I sometimes see water draining from underneath my heat pump and a plume of steam rising out of the top. Is this normal?
A) Yes, this is normal. This is the automatic defrost cycle that occurs when conditions require.

Q) During winter, my heat pump doesn't seem to keep up when the temperature is below 20 degrees. Is this normal?
A) When the temperature gets around 20 degrees, heat pumps are still able to extract heat, but it is not enough to maintain comfort in the home. Newer systems will automatically switch over to "emergency" or "auxiliary" heat in order to keep up with extreme temperature demands. This setting can be changed manually at the thermostat on older systems.

Q) During the summer, how low can I set my thermostat?
A) We recommend not setting the thermostat lower than 70 degrees. Any lower setting can cause the outdoor unit to be under an excessive load.

Q) If I am interested in finding out the cost of replacing my old, outdated, inefficient heating/cooling system, does Dick's Heating and Air Conditioning charge for estimates?
A) We provide this service at no charge. We will visit your home to gather all of the important information, measurements, and details. This will require approximately 45 minutes. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision regarding what may be the most important investment you will make for your home.
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